Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our Seventh Year

Just a bit of history about the village.

Seven years ago we had the opportunity to drive to California in early December. On our way back we stopped to check out what we were told was a lovely Victorian village by the sea in northern California.

Ferndale turned out to be far better than we had expected. Beautiful old buildings decorated for Christmas. Lots of interesting shops to explore. At the end of main street one of the hugest decorated Christmas trees I've ever seen - and what's more it was a live tree, not one that had been cut and brought there.

After we got back home, we stopped in at Costco to pick up some things and came across a lovely set of three Christmas Village buildings with accessories. It reminded us so much of Ferndale that we bought it. Very shortly after that I found another set of seven Christmas houses - paper ones that had to be put together.

Well, that was just too much fun. After that I started collecting Christmas houses. And here we are seven years later with over 100 of them to enjoy.

They've been the centrepiece of our personal annual Christmas Open House, but this year we wanted to share it with others too. So do book your visit (403-932-6329) to come and see the Christmas Village on Saturday, November 27.

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